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A new age of Rv Sales, more flexible, affordable and using state of the art marketing! Mr Motorhome Park and Sell!

Traditional Rv consignment programs offer you a “flat price” they will give you when they sell you Rv, minus fees, costs and expenses. This price is based off of NADA book wholesale trade in value. They in turn market your Rv for full retail price and hold out to get as much as possible. In the end, they pocket the lions share and you are left with trade in value minus fees. And for what? A few pictures on their website and a clueless salesman showing your potential buyers through it?


Mr Motorhome offers a better way. No fees or cost Park and Sell. No detail fee, no inspection fee, no transportation fee, no storage fee. We also offer state of the art advertising for the modern age including extremely detailed inside and out video walkthoughs of your Rv by an expert. We also link to the original factory brochure for your Rv and offer a full technical specs breakdown for every Rv in our inventory as well. How is this for revolutionary? Mr Motorhome is the home of the exclusive use your Rv when you need it, drop it back off with us to be sold in between trips program. *Black tank dump required. Total cost? Just 10% of the sales price of the Rv leaving you many thousand more in your pocket than a traditional consignment program. Sell your Motorhome yourself with Mr Motorhome park and sell in your corner and save thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars!

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